A project to build a new cutting and deboning line has been completed

Meat Industry Ravlić d.o.o. has successfully implemented a new cutting and deboning line, an investment worth 1.500.000 €.

Cutting and deboning line  was built in Petrijevci, in addition to the existing modern slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. New line is spread over 1,300 m2, and the capacity of the line is about 1000 pigs per day, or about 100 beef per day.

It is important to note that this reconstruction and extension did not increase the slaughter capacity or the meat processing capacity, it enabled better hygienic sanitation practices  in the technological process and even more quality production.

This expansion of the existing facility with meat processing was completed by the current production process of the Meat industry Ravlić, and as such it is, in general, a modern conceptual production plant.

With regard to the installed equipment of the new production line and the planned line capacity, the needs for new employees (35 production workers in one shift) are also estimated.