Meat industry


In the meat industry RAVLIC, we are following stringent regulatory requirements in the production and the food industry. We have set our own criteria of control, relating to the careful and thorough analysis of each individual element in the production process.

Our slaughtering and meat processing facility, is equipped by the highest standards of modern food industry, and the production runs under the constant supervision of our experienced professionals. In the slaughterhouse, there is a combined, conveyor slaughter line for beef cattle and pigs, with slaughtering capacity of 180 pigs and 35 beef cattle per hour. Veterinarians are present on the cattle depot, who care about the welfare and health of the animals before slaughter, and the veterinarians who are present on the slaughter line, and the meat processing, are taking care of the safety of the finished product. The production process is also overseen by our technicians, who control the safety and quality of the products, by internal systems of quality control, that we have set, to ensure that the products meet the high standards of RAVLIC.



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Modern facilities have a total area of 7500 square meters (within the 10 ha plant), and include the administration building, a modern slaughterhouse, meat processing plant, a meat warehouse, a facility for washing and disinfection of trucks, a skin and waste warehouse, and a wastewater treatment plant.