Meat industry RAVLIC produces delicious and healthy fresh meat and meat products. Our products are of the domestic, Croatian origin, and you can find them in the butcher shops RAVLIC, or in many shopping malls in Croatia. We bring Slavonian flavors and tradition to the store closest to you.


Fresh meat

Fresh meat is an excellent source of proteins, vitamin B, and iron. At meat industry RAVLIC, in one of the most modern plants for the production of meat, a fresh baby pork, pork, veal, baby beef, beef, and lamb is being produced.


Minced meat

RAVLIC minced meat is made from high-quality pork and baby beef meat. In our offer there are mixed minced meat, minced pork meat and minced baby beef meat. Choose your favorite for the preparation of delicious dishes…


Meat for the barbecue

We want to share with you the secret of a good barbecue: RAVLIC meat is always fresh and delicious, and seasoned just the way it should be.



Hrenovka RAVLIC (Frankfurter RAVLIC) is being prepared from high quality meat, and filled in natural casing. It has an excellent and mild flavor, and natural casing ensures that the frankfurter cracks nicely, after cooking or baking. We recommend them to children…


Semi-durable sausages

The Meat industry RAVLIC produces numerous semi-durable sausages. They are all made from high-quality fresh RAVLIC meat, with added spices.



Among the meat products salamis are essential. RAVLIC salamis are the most important ingredient of every sandwich. Preparation is very simple: slice the salami, put it between two slices of bread, add in other ingredients of your choosing, and the sandwich is done.


Semi-durable slavonian products

Produced from a high quality meat, whether they are slightly smoked, boiled or roasted, semi-durable products represent…


Roasted products

Looking for something that will warm you up, strengthen and invigorate you? There is no better choice than a stew with a delicious piece of meat. Our offer of the roasted products consists of cooked meaty bacon, pork roast, deboned pork neck roast…



Among the most beautiful Slavonian traditions, is the tradition of the Easter breakfast. For the Easter breakfast, painted Easter eggs, spring onions, fresh cheese, bread, and a fragrant Slavonian ham, are indispensable. We produce for you six different hams.


Pates and luncheon meal

RAVLIC pates and luncheon meat have been prepared for all gourmets and the lovers of meat. If you love meat, meat spreads, and luncheon meat…


Traditional durable products

Every gourmet knows that there is no Slavonian meal without a kulen sausage, straight kulen sausage, sausages and bacon. Our traditional Slavonian products are produced…


Lard and greaves

Crunchy and warm, with a little bit of salt and ground pepper, greaves are delicious like the best of chips. They are made from pieces of meat with fat, which, after roasting, will become delicious and crunchy. In order to keep the real, domestic flavor…


Slavonian bomboniere

The Slavonian bomboniere is a unique product on the market which will, with its design and flavour, take you to the very heart of Slavonia.


Ravlic PREMIUM products

Our traditional products are produced from the finest pieces of meat, with added spices and homemade ground paprika.