Fresh meat

Fresh meat is an excellent source of proteins, vitamin B, and iron. At meat industry RAVLIC, in one of the most modern plants for the production of meat, a fresh baby pork, pork, veal, baby beef, beef, and lamb is being produced. The pigs are raised by suppliers, whose farms are located in Slavonia, and whose breeding process is being strictly controlled. As responsible manufacturers, we know that for high quality meat a high quality Slavonian pig is also required. For this reason, we have started our own breeding of young beef cattle. All our young beef cattle are raised on a healthy, Croatian soil, and the meat that we offer to our customers, is also healthy, and of good quality.

Fresh meat:

  • pork
  • baby beef
  • veal
  • baby pork
  • lamb

Minced meat

RAVLIC minced meat is made from high-quality pork and baby beef meat. In our offer there are mixed minced meat, minced pork meat…


Meat for the barbecue

We want to share with you the secret of a good barbecue: RAVLIC meat is always fresh and delicious…



Hrenovka RAVLIC (Frankfurter RAVLIC) is being prepared from high quality meat, and filled in natural casing. It has an excellent and mild flavor…