Lard and greaves

Crunchy and warm, with a little bit of salt and ground pepper, greaves are delicious like the best of chips. They are made from pieces of meat with fat, which, after roasting, will become delicious and crunchy. In order to keep the real, domestic flavor, we are manufacturing greaves in the traditional way. Slavonian lard is the foundation upon which rests every serious culinary mastery of the traditional cuisine, and it can be used as a spread on the bread slice. We will tell you a secret – if you bake the bread slice, and sprinkle it with a little bit of salt, it will be even more delicious. Look for the lard and greaves in all butcher shops RAVLIC.

Lard and greaves:

  • Domaca mast u rinfuzi (Homemade lard in bulk)
  • Domaca mast 3 kg (Homemade lard 3 kg)
  • Domaca mast 1 kg (Homemade lard 1 kg)
  • Domaca mast 0,5 kg (Homemade lard 0,5 kg)
  • Domaca mast 0,25 kg (Homemade lard 0,25 kg)
  • Cvarci (Greaves)

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