Meat for the barbecue

We want to share with you the secret of a good barbecue: RAVLIC meat is always fresh and delicious, and seasoned just the way it should be. Cevapcici (grilled dish of minced meat), Pljeskavice (hamburger steaks), and Rostilj kobasice (barbecue sausages) have been prepared, packaged, and stored in such a way to preserve their freshness and flavor. Our meat for the barbecue does not contain allergens, artificial colors, or sweeteners, so you can be sure that you are buying the best for yourself and your family. All products for the barbecue can be found in our assortment in the butcher shops RAVLIC, across Croatia.

Meat for the barbecue:

  • Cevapcici
  • Pljeskavice (hamburger steaks)
  • Roštilj kobasice (barbecue sausage)
  • Roštilj kobasice ljute (hot barbecue sausage)


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