Pates and luncheon meat

RAVLIC pates and luncheon meat have been prepared for all gourmets and the lovers of meat. If you love meat, meat spreads, and luncheon meat, you will love our pates and luncheon meat. Pates are manufactured from high quality cuts of meat that are being chopped, and are characterized by mild taste and good spreadability. RAVLIC liver pate in tube packaging has a slightly piquant flavor, and is intended for the palates which prefer food with a little more flavor. RAVLIC liver pate in a can is designed for our youngest gourmets, who like their bread with a little more pate. RAVLIC canned luncheon meat is being produced from good quality pieces of meat, and is ready for immediate consumption.

Pates and luncheon meat:

  • Jetrena pasteta u crijevu (Liver pate in tube packaging)
  • Jetrena pasteta 100 g (Liver pate 100 g)
  • Mesni dorucak 100 g (Luncheon meat 100 g)

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