Ravlic PREMIUM products

Traditional durable Slavonian products- Domaci kulen (Homemade kulen sausage), Ravni kulen (Straight kulen sausage) and Domaca slavonska kobasica (Homemade Slavonian sausage) represent the best flavours of Slavonia.

Our traditional products are produced from the finest pieces of meat, with added spices and homemade ground paprika. They are spicy and delicious and we produce them in the tradicional way, acording to the recipes which are a hundred years old. We are proud to present RAVLIC PREMIUM packaging products which, with its richness of taste, enchant all true gourmands.

Apart from the top quality products and the best flavors of Slavonia, RAVLIC PREMIUM products are also special because of its packaging that will leave you breathless. Black matte boxes with gold print are produced in Croatia, at the highest standards of high quality materials, RAVLIC PREMIUM products are the best choice for a gift for your business partners and dear ones.


  • RAVLIC PREMIUM Domaci kulen (Homemade kulen sausage),
  • RAVLIC PREMIUM Ravni kulen (Straight kulen sausage) and
  • RAVLIC PREMIUM Domaca slavonska kobasica (Homemade Slavonian sausage).

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