Roasted products

Looking for something that will warm you up, strengthen and invigorate you? There is no better choice than a stew with a delicious piece of meat. Our offer of the roasted products consists of cooked meaty bacon, pork roast, deboned pork neck roast, boneless pork loin roast, rib tips roast and roasted cheeks. You can consume them sliced, but we love them the most as an addition to the hot stew.

Roasted products:

  • Peceni svinjski vrat bez kosti (deboned pork neck roast)
  • Peceni svinjski kare bez kosti (boneless pork loin roast)
  • Dimljena koljenica (smoked hind shank)
  • Dimljene svinjske kosti (smoked pork bones)
  • Dimljene svinjske nogice (smoked pork feet)
  • Pecena mesnata slanina (cooked meaty bacon)
  • Pecena prasetina (pork roast)
  • Peceni prsni vrsci (rib tips roast)
  • Peceni svinjski podbradnjak (roasted pigs cheeks)


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