Semi-durable slavonian products

Produced from a high quality meat, whether they are slightly smoked, boiled or roasted, semi-durable products represent a gastronomic delight for every palate. Scientists confirm that food awakens strong emotions and memories in us, and our Slavonian products will take you back to the time of your grandparents, during the pig slaughter, where they had cooked homemade blood sausages. Among our products, look for:

  • Jeger (Hunter’s sausage)
  • Slavonska bijela krvavica (Slavonian white blood sausage)
  • Slavonski svargl (Slavonian svargl)
  • Suha koljenica (Smoked shank)

Roasted products

Looking for something that will warm you up, strengthen and invigorate you? There is no better choice than a stew with a delicious piece of meat.



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Pates and luncheon meat

RAVLIC pates and luncheon meat have been prepared for all gourmets and the lovers of meat. If you love meat…