Slavonian bomboniere

The Slavonian bomboniere is a unique product on the market which will, with its design and flavour, take you to the very heart of Slavonia.

The product consists of: SLAVONIAN MAGIC STICK (homemade Slavonian sausage or straight kulen), SLAVONIAN MARBLE (dry bacon), SLAVONIAN MERINGUES (čvarci) and SLAVONIAN LOVE POTION (Ilok basements Graševina 0,75l). There are two variants of the Slavonian bomboniere. The first variant contains tasty homemade Slavonian sausage, while for the lovers of kulen there is the variant with flat kulen.

You can order your Slavonian bomboniere by calling the free info line 0800 1960, by email to or personally in any of our 50 butcher shops in continental Croatia.

Slavonian bomboniere:

  • Slavonian bomboniere with Homemade Slavonian sausage (Domaća slavonska kobasica)
  • Slavonian bomboniere with Straight kulen sausage (Ravni kulen)

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