Traditional durable products

Every gourmet knows that there is no Slavonian meal without a kulen sausage, straight kulen sausage, sausages and bacon. Our traditional Slavonian products are produced from the finest pieces of meat, with added spices and homemade ground paprika. They are spicy and delicious, and we produce them in the traditional way, according to the recipes which are a hundred years old. They say that the palate recognizes five types of flavours: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (delicious). What do you think of first when you think about the flavor of the kulen sausage? We have delicious in mind, and so we recommend the consumption of the kulen sausage, and other Slavonian delicacies, in all occasions. Among our traditional durable products, look for:

  • Domaci kulen (Homemade kulen sausage)
  • Ravni kulen (Straight kulen sausage)
  • Domaca slavonska kobasica (Homemade Slavonian sausage)
  • Domaca kobasica za pecenje
  • Gurmanska kobasica
  • Osjecka kobasica
  • Slavonska mesnata slanina (Slavonian meaty bacon)
  • Suha pecenica (Smoked roast)
  • Budjola
  • Sudzuk
  • Domaca susena sunka bez kosti

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