Responsible business is a quality business. Caring for present and future generations, which consists of helping various humanitarian, cultural and educational organizations, caring for the environment, and responsibility for the products that we put on the market, is what distinguishes modern enterprises, which create the future, from those that only exist in the market.

Responsible business is a quality business.

Environmental protection

Like all companies, the Mesna industrija RAVLIC uses the land, water and air in its business. We are aware that this is a universal property, but on the threshold…
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Sponsorships and donations

During the 50 years of its existence, RAVLIC has supported the work of numerous humanitarian, educational, sports, and cultural organizations.
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Quality of products

Our philosophy, also incorporated into our slogan ‘Kvaliteta nas vodi – RAVLIC proizvodi!’ (‘Guided by the quality – RAVLIC products!’), proceeds from the fact that we stand behind all…
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