Restaurant „Plavi podrum“ is the starting point for RAVLIC’s entire business. The opening of the restaurant „Plavi podrum“ in 1960 in Osijek represents the beginning of entire RAVLIC’s business. Successful business and expansion of the area of ​​activity resulted in one of the largest meat industries in Croatia.

Restaurant „Plavi podrum“ closed its doors permanently in 2017 when the focus shifted on the production and sale of meat and meat products. „Plavi podrum“ is one of the few restaurants that has managed to maintain a high level of excellence throughout these years. The restaurant has built its reputation for many years, for which it is envied by many restaurants in Osijek.

The restaurant was known among its faithful visitors as a place where you can enjoy the taste of premium  lamb, prepared on the split, boiled, marinated or baked under the baking lid. A small number of restaurants in Croatia offered a lamb prepared on the split, which, „Plavi podrum“ was being prepared from a lamb that was delivered, on daily basis,  from the RAVLIC slaughterhouse. On sunny days you could have a nice view from the terrace of the restaurant on the split. The house specialty was also a sour lamb soup, which  was prepared by the secret recipe.

The opening of the restaurant „Plavi podrum“ in 1960 in Osijek represents the beginning of entire RAVLIC’s business.

In addition to the previously mentioned dishes made with lamb, in the restaurant „Plavi podrum“ you could also try  the Slavonian Plate (Slavonska plata) which contains the best RAVLIC cured meat products (Domaci kulen, Domaca slavonska kobasica, Budjola-smoked pork neck, Pecenica-smoked pork loin, Ravni kulen), scones with greaves (pogacice sa cvarcima), veal made under the bakong lod or a steak with pepper.

Good service, a great selection of numerous specialties from all Croatian regions, extensive wine list, and a pleasant environment have ensured  the restaurant „Plavi podrum“, a place among the leading restaurants in Croatia.

Today, we are happy to remember our beginnings at the restaurant „Plavi podrum“, that were known by good people and good food.


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A few restaurants in Croatia can boast with 50 years long tradition. Restaurant “Plavi podrum“…
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